For One thousand years the Throne of Aratos has been vacant. With Emperor Baritus Decimus leaving no heir the Senate has taken to governing the realm.

But not all is well in the empire for but two centuries after the lose of the Baritus dynasty nature itself declared war upon Aratos, radical druids with fell pacts raised groves of magical trees around all the settlements of Aratos. A few score villagers would gather and a grove would begin and from these groves vile and malicious fey would come and prey upon the innocents of the land.

The Senate in their power are fractured with politicking and back stabbing, the once mighty legions sent afar by fears of a coup, but there are those whom strive to keep the realm and its people whole. The Knights of the throne, an elite group of covert agetns whom had been charged with the Emperors protection are now charged with sheilding the citizens from threats within and without. May all pray that they are enough in this the age of The Arborseige